An easy d. i. y. textured modern canvas art

I have been seeing these textured canvas art featured in designer accounts on Instagram, Pinterest and also in some home decor stores and they are not cheap. I mean like thousands of dollars if you look at places like RH (Restoration Hardware) where the arts are designed by well-known artists. I wanted one so bad that I decided to make my own. I love these textured but minimalist canvas art that can give any space that designer look and I really think it goes well with any style whether you like minimalism, modern, french country, boho, rustic farmhouse, modern farmhouse or Japandi. So yes, it will elevate any personal style. And the best part is, it’s not only easy to make, but very affordable. Here’s how I made mine and I linked some sources on the materials I used or similar.


Here’s how:

  1. I’m using an old canvas art for this d.i.y. It is approximately 36 inches by 48 inches but you can make this in any size you want.
  2. First step, using the putty knife just cover the entire art with the spackle in a downward direction. As you can see, you don’t kneed to cover it 100% percent so you can still see a little bit of the background color. And I will tell you why later steps.
  3. Then again using the putty knife, drag it on the opposite direction forming a square to look like a checked pattern. And I continue to do this leaving a boarder on all sides.
  4. Now with with fingers, dip it in the spackle and pat it in the squares to create some texture. Do this on an alternate pattern.
  5. After creating some texture, take the spray paint and spray the entire canvas very lightly in a sweeping motion. Spraying it lightly will allow some of the background shade to show a little. If you are using a blank canvas. You can create this look by spraying a different neutral color spray paint on some random areas of the canvas.
  6. Then I added wood trim that I spray painted black for a finished look but this is totally optional. And that’s it! You just created a modern canvas masterpiece. Also feel free to make your own design or texture. Make it fun!


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