Vintage d.i.y display cabinet and how I styled it

When we bought this dining room display cabinet or curio ten years ago, it was great. I love the color, size, and the style. Now that I started adding some black accent and some natural wood accent into our mostly neutral home decor to give it a vintage modern mix look, I decided to paint it. However, I did not just want to paint it. I want to turned it into a high end vintage modern furniture piece. And in my opinion I think I achieved that look.

Here’s what I used :

  • Rust Oleum milk paint finish (eclipse)
  • Paint brush
  • Sand paper
  • Rag for cleaning
  • Blue tape

1. First step is prepping the cabinet for painting. After removing all the stuff inside, it needs dusting and cleaning. I used Windex to clean all the glass area. Then I used a Krudd multi purpose cleaner to wipe all the wood area. The wood has a matt finish which makes it easier to paint.

2. Paint two coats of the milk paint.

3. Let it dry overnight .

4. Start sanding lightly to expose some of the original color or until you achieve the desired look.

5. Wipe it off with a dry rug to remove all the dust from sanding .

6. Then it’s time for the fun part. Styling it. I used things that I already have in the house to style it. I want it to look like balanced, simple, and keeping the colors in the neutral palette of course. So I used jars in different sizes and textures . I used books and some natural elements like wood and rattans. Just start placing them in just random areas making that all the colors and textured items are spread out.

7. The final look.

8. Up close. Also check out my IG reel on how I styled it.

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