5 Easy ways on how to style an entryway console table

I love entering a house with such an inviting vibe. Whether you have a big grand foyer or just enough space or curved to add a small console table for that added welcoming feel. In our home we have a descent foyer space by the stairs. I had an upholstered storage bench for the past 10 years in our foyer which was very functional when our kids were small. It was an easy storage for our shoes or slippers that we use daily because I hate seeing pile of shoes by the stairs! Then after a while it became out of control and shoes piled up that we tend to forget what’s inside the bench.

So last year when the pandemic started, where we get to stay home a lot. I thought of changing restyling the foyer. I bought a basic black console table with a modern design. I thought adding a few modern pieces will give our home an upgraded look.

As you can see our foyer has an angle shape and I hate how the air vent is right in the middle of the left wall.

So here’s my solution. I put the console table against that wall and the old storage bench under it. This looks good except I am blocking half of the air vent. So this is just temporary.

Here’s how I initially styled the entryway . I added this oversized mirror which I took from the formal living room. On the table, a wood sculpture, coffee table book, then added a bowl with stand on top, and at the far end, I have a small white ceramic vase with some dried wheat stalks sitting on a wooden tray. I think this look is simple, balance, and still functional. I also added a snake plant in a woven basket on one side of the table. I love all the natural elements and the wood tones against the black table. And the mirror has that vintage look which created that mixed modern vintage style that I was going for.

Here is another option on console table styling. I cut some branches from the bushes that were hanging over our fence and arranged them in a water vessel that I d.i.y a while ago. A candle next to it, and a bowl in the middle. On the other end, I stacked a couple of coffee table books and a metal art piece on top . I like how the tree branches arrangement gave it an outdoor vibe.

The above styling is just as simple. I used my Zz plant as the greenery, a wood dough bowl in the middle, then my d.i.y. vintage jar on top of coffee table books. I actually like how the large potted Zz plant gives it more life. Then I switched up the bench into this wired basket and filled with a pillow and a throw blanket for that added coziness.

This is the same look as the previous picture except here I used the ceramic bowl and filled it with moss spheres, then the black metal sculpture on top of the coffee table books. Plus for some safety measures, an oversized hand sanitizer.

This last one is my spring styling. I featured my d.i.y. spring branches in a clear vase, then my ceramic bowl on top of a couple of vintage books that I found at a local antique shop, then a metal urn filled with the moss spheres on top of more coffee table books. You can check out my reel on Instagram on how I made this spring branches.


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