Fresh start with some kitchen organizations

I love how the beginning of each year gives us that opportunity to reset, refresh or upgrade things in our lives. In other words, out with the old and in with the new. It is also this time of the year where most people (including me) will set goals in categories like personal, professional, or just merely in general lifestyle. One thing that always comes to our mind is organization.

In this post, I will be sharing a few organization tips that I did in our kitchen when we upgraded it last year. For me personally, the kitchen is the most important part of our home that needs organization since it is the most used space.

I will start with the spices which in our case are stored in the lazy Susan. Don’t get me wrong but I love the lazy Susan storage but it can get messy pretty easily with all the things being stored there. And there are a lot of what I call “blind spots” where you can’t even see some of the stuff inside.

Here is our lazy Susan where we store all our spices. Not looking good.

Here’s the solution: A spice rack drawer.

Step 1: Pick a drawer preferably one that is close to your cooking area for an obvious reason – functionality!

Step 2: Place a spice rack drawer organizer. I use this exact one from Amazon. I love how it is adjustable to the size of your drawer.

Step 3: Transfer your spices to clear spice jars. I use this one from Amazon. I love this kit as it includes clear jars, a funnel, and labels.

Step 4: Place the labeled jars in the rack. Now you can easily see and find your spices within reach

Here’s another drawer that I organized in our coffee bar area. It is pretty much the same concept. We use k-cups and I used to store them in a rack that goes under the coffee maker. But then decided to use a drawer with a utensil organizer to store them instead. I used a bamboo utensil organizer that I already have and it is perfect as you can adjust it according to the size of the k-cups single coffees and some teas.

That is it. So simple, yet functional and it looks good!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you find these tips helpful. Please stay tuned for more organizational ideas.

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