How to turn an ordinary vessel into a vintage/modern decor piece

I am drawn to vintage and modern decor lately, however, they can be costly. I have been looking up some vintage jars or vases online but they are very pricey. So all I did was screenshot them and saved it to my decor inspiration album. Then one day, I saw a post in Instagram on how to turn a terracotta pot into a vintage looking pot. Then I realized this is actually became a trend in social media and the decor world. So guess what? I joined the trend. So here are a few pieces that I transformed from a boring looking vases, jars, and a floor vase into a modern/vintage pieces.

Here are my collection of d.y.i vintage jars displayed over the kitchen cabinet.

Here’s a planter which I am currently using as a centerpiece in our kitchen island to hold fresh flowers or some greeneries. I am sharing how I turn this vessel from a simple terracotta pot to this vintage looking piece.

The before picture.

Here’s what you need:

Step by step instructions :

That’s it! So simple and inexpensive to give a simple pot a high end look. If you love or have any question about this d.i.y. Please comment below and feel free to share.

Here are more before and after pictures!

A D.I.Y vintage vessel


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